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SCI 1114: Sustainable Physical Science

Can't access the article you need?

If you have trouble accessing a specific article, ask the library for help or try the following:

Finding Articles


These databases are a good place to find academic articles related to environmental science.

Search Tips

  • Keep a list of words/concepts related to your topic. It is important to use various combinations of words when searching a database. Having a list of words will make it easier to come up with different combinations.

  • Always search in more than one database. Each has a different collection of information.

  • Always start with a broad or simple search. Slowly add more search words, subject terms, or filters until you have a number of results you like (normally fewer than 100).

  • If you don't like the results you get, try another search. You may have to try several different searches before you find what you want.

What is...?

Refresh your memory on certain concepts.