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EDBE 4453 (Cowart)

Recommended Databases

Search Strategies

Use the Boolean connector AND to narrow your search with your major subject words. You can use the connector OR to broaden your search.  This connector can be used to combine synonyms or related words.  Place subject words in "quotation marks" to search the words as a phrase.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

What is a "peer-reviewed" journal article?

“Peer review is designed to assess the validity, quality and often the originality of articles for publication. Its ultimate purpose is to maintain the integrity of science by filtering out invalid or poor quality articles.” Scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles:

  • Make available original research, experimentation, and information.
  • Written by scholars, researchers, and professionals in a particular field, include graphs and charts; scholarly illustrations.
  • Cite sources with references, footnotes and/or bibliographies.
  • Use technical terminology. 


The Peer Review Process. Wiley. Retrieved from: (09-12-17) 

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