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Known Issues

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with RefWorks, contact your subject librarian for assistance. If you are aware of an issue that is not included on this page, please email a detailed description of the issue to Stephany Compton (

RefWorks 3.0   blue refworks logo

  • Write-N-Cite for Word is extremely buggy and does not work in most cases. RefWorks is working to repair these issues. Users needing an alternative tool can use EndNote Basic's "Write While You Cite" tool. Visit the Other Citation Managers tab to access EndNote Basic and create an account.
Importing Citations
  • Citations imported from some databases may display incorrectly. For example, article citations imported from the CINAHL database may show up as a book citation. If you notice that this has happened, you can edit the citation within RefWorks to categorize it as an article instead of a book.
Folder Sharing
  • You may experience issues when sharing RefWorks folders with other users. Ensure that both you and the person/people you are sharing with are using the same version of RefWorks. If one of you is using RefWorks Legacy and the other is using RefWorks 3.0, folder sharing will not work.
Migrating from RefWorks Legacy to RefWorks 3.0
  • Citations transferred from RefWorks Legacy to RefWorks 3.0 may transfer successfully only to disappear from RefWorks 3.0 a few hours later. If this happens to you, you can still access your citations in RefWorks Legacy.

RefWorks Legacy   orange refworks logo

  • There is no longer a Write-N-Cite tool available for download in RefWorks Legacy. RefWorks is focusing their time developing a new Write-N-Cite tool for RefWorks 3.0.

  • If you previously downloaded Write-N-Cite on your computer, you may still be able to use it.

  • If you experience an error with the Write-N-Cite tool for RefWorks Legacy, neither RefWorks nor the library can resolve the issue.

  • To avoid compatibility issues, avoid using the old Write-N-Cite tool and instead create in-text citations manually.