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Occupational Therapy - Houston

Occupational Therapy Subject Guide for the Houston Campus

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The Houston Campus Library is open during regular semester as noted on the library calendars page.

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We  have Mr. José Luis Quintero, our Library Services Specialist. He will help you find books and journal articles, locate the best databases for your research and projects, and to help you find all the information you need to make the best grades and get your efforts understood. He is also a current TWU SLIS Graduate student. You can contact him at or 713-794-2485. He usually works 9AM-6PM M-Th & 8-5 F.

November Selected Celebrations

Gluten-free Diet Awareness Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

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National Native American Heritage Month

Pancreatic Cancer Month

Veterans & Military Family Month

2nd National Election Day

6th Book Lovers Day

9th Microtia Awareness Day

11th Veteran's Day

18th Great American Smokeout

25th Thanksgiving Day

Dr. Sophie Lin Rydin School of Occupational Therapy Houston 

The School of Occupational Therapy is directed by Dr. Mary Frances Baxter,, 713.794.2321.


Welcome to the TWU Libraries' Occupational Therapy subject guide. Here, you will find relevant and pertinent resources including databases, journals, and other information resources to help you find the information you need. Please use the page listings on the left to navigate through the guide.

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Please click to view the brief tutorial included below, which will assist you in learning the best search practices! 

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User Guide


Databases and Journals: Recommendations for databases and journals to use for research.

Books and Videos: Information on reserve items, notable books and videos, as well as FAQs on requesting a book. 

Occupational Therapy Organizations: Listings of local and national OT and related organizations.

Houston Campus Library: Important information about the Houston Campus Library. 

Writing & Citing: How to cite sources in your assignments. 

Getting Published

Let TWU help you to get published in reputable sources

Consult the initial process at Sharing Your Research and more detail at Publishing Your Research and find information about the Directory of Open Access Journals the Creative Commons network at and organizations like SPARC. Once you know where and how you want to get published, be careful to work with only the best quality publishers who will make your work shine!

I Need a Few Good Articles, Please!

First, get your subject in mind, like "Could obesity be caused by a virus?" This is the most important step (and the hardest)

Next, try the world's biggest health sciences database, called PubMed. Do an Advanced (click it) search; input obesity, click ADD input viruses, click ADD & click Search. Refine the results on the left of the Results page by year (last 5 years) full text, language, ages, controlled clinical trials or whatever you prefer to find a few good articles.

Click Send to and send to your RefWorks account to help design a beautiful References list to attach to your great paper.

What is Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods in Research Data?

What is research, and what is qualitative versus quantitative research? What is mixed methods research? Many different homework assignments ask the student to locate qualitative research or quantitative research articles.  See for some definitions. The British Library has a site describing qualitative research.   Also, the US PubMed Central data source has an article describing qualitative research.  Mixed methods research, a combination of different types of research, can be studied at a  US National Institutes of Health information source here.  Different governmental entities describe and support qualitative and quantitative research, including Australia, as described in their National Health and  Medical Research Council site, hereMany resources throughout the world  concern themselves with ethical research conduct, including how to carefully manage individuals who are the subject of research and clinical trials (see NIH Clinical Research Trials and You). The US National Institutes of Health and also the Australian government display a National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research, and the UK government has much information concerning the National Health Service Health Research Authority and more. 

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