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Nursing Theorist

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Sister Callista Roy

Adaptation Model

  • Viewed humans as Biopsychosocial beings constantly interacting with a changing environment and who cope with their environment through Biopsychosocial adaptation mechanisms.
  • Presented the Adaptation Model. She viewed each person as a unified biopsychosocial system in constant interaction with a changing environment. She contented that the person as an adaptive system, functions as a whole through interdependence of its part. The system consists of input, control processes, output feedback.
  • Focuses on the ability of Individuals, families, groups, communities, or societies to adapt to change.
  • The degree of internal or external environmental change and the person’s ability to cope with that change is likely to determine the person’s health status.
  • Nursing interventions are aimed at promoting physiologic, psychologic, and social functioning or adaptation.
  • To identify the types and demands placed on a client and client’s adaptation to the demands.

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