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Evidence-Based Practice

What is Evidence-Based Practice?

Explore the following websites to learn about evidence-based practice.

Terms & Glossaries


Foreground :: Background Questions

When planning a search strategy to uncover evidential research, build your search using two separate types of information:


Foreground Information:  Builds a solid foundation
     --general knowledge
     --basic summary description and discussion of causes,
        symptoms, treatment, prevention, etc. 
     --not needed to make a clinical decision
     --not always the most current information
     --sources: textbooks, handbooks, encyclopedias, etc.

Background Information: Lays bricks on the foundation 
     --specific knowledge
     --requires PICO elements
     --use advanced search skills
     --necessary for decision making
     --will fall into one of 4 categories: 
              1. therapy
              2. diagnosis
              3. prognosis
              4. etiology
     --will guide information search
     --involves patient specifics such as age, sex, etc.
     --sources: databases with specialized search options