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Physical Therapy - Dallas

Physical therapy research guide for TWU Dallas students, faculty, and staff.

Importing records from Refworks

Exporting from Refworks to Rayyan.

1) Select the folder that you wish to export and click on it, in this case I have selected the folder labelled Chris1 and it has 559 article citations in it.

2) On the top menu bar, select the 'share' icon and from the sub menu select 'export references'.

Refworks export

3) On the pop up box that populates, select 'all references' and 'RIS' format. Click on the export button.

Refworks pop up box when exporting folders

4) A new .RIS file will be created. You will be given the opportunity to name it and place it in a location of your choice.

5) Open Rayyan, click on the line that says 'new review' and in the drop down that populates give your new review a title and description. Press 'create'.

                     Rayyan new review        


6) Click on 'select files'. Find and select the .RIS file you exported from Refworks, which in this case was labelled Chris1. Press 'continue'.

rayyan select files

7) Your file will upload to your new review.