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Physical Therapy - Dallas

Physical therapy research guide for TWU Dallas students, faculty, and staff.

Screening articles

When voting on an article, Rayyan offers three choices:

include exclude maybe

You can either click on the icon --or--in order to speed the process you can simply press the following keys on your keyboard

  • I = include
  • U = undecided
  • E = exclude

If you choose to exclude an article, you can (optionally) select from a preselected list of reasons for the exclusion:

reason for exclusion rayyan

If none of the preselected reasons for exclusion are appropriate, then you can create your own by typing straight into in the reason box. To set it, hover your cursor over  the yellowed new reason and left click.

typing your own reason for exclusion

The new reason will be added to the list of preselected reasons for you and other reviewers to see and use:

creating your own reasons for exclusion

You can also use the label box to include little notes by utilizing the label box. These will show in blue. I would suggest using this to show reasons for inclusion!

label maker in Rayyan