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Occupational Therapy - Dallas

Occupational therapy research guide for TWU Dallas students, faculty and staff.


Larger databases allow users to 'limit' their search by certain criteria, hence the name limiters. 

Limiters are incredibly helpful and are usually found under the main search box or on the left hand side of the screen.


  • Allows users to narrow down search results by various criteria, useful limiters include.
    • Date range--impose a date range on the articles you want such as the last ten years.
    • Articles in English language--exclude articles in languages you may not understand.
    • Peer reviewed--make sure the articles you are reading are scholarly.
    • Study type--specify if you want systematic reviews only or randomized controlled trials et cetera


  • Limiters vary from database to database
  • Using too many limiters or poorly chosen limiters may bring back few results or poor quality results

              warning sign              Do not use the Full Text limiter!  It prevents you from seeing citations that might prove to be the perfect article for you. Remember you can always order articles from other libraries via our free ILL service.