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Occupational Therapy - Dallas

Occupational therapy research guide for TWU Dallas students, faculty and staff.

Sackett's 5 Steps to EBP

Sackett defines the 5 steps to the EBP process as follows. His full article on the subject may be viewed here:

                Sacketts 5 steps to EBP

  1. Assess
    Assess the situation, can improvements be made to the current method of treatment for a patient?
  2. Ask
    Formulate a clear and detailed question using the PICO(t) format.
  3. Acquire
    Consult your librarian for the best possible evidence from high quality, peer-reviewed sources
  4. Appraise
    Evaluate the evidence for quality using critical appraisal tools 
  5. Apply
    Apply the information in combination with clinical experience and patient values