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Know Before You Go

Help for student graduating and those going on Fieldwork.
Spring 2021
Regardless of where they're physically working, subject librarians continue to be reachable:
- Email works as normal
- Voicemails left on office phones are automatically emailed to librarians
- Most appointments may be conducted through a chat tool or over the phone. 
- For other questions about the services we can provide, contact your librarian!

Subject Librarian Services

Subject librarians specialize in locating research and information from specific subject areas. Subject librarians can help you:

  • Develop a focused research question.
  • Search for information more efficiently and effectively.
  • Locate and access information.

If you need help getting started on a research paper or finding information, contact the librarian for that subject!

Quick Select

Find your subject librarian quickly by selecting your subject area from the box below.


Subject Librarians


Subject Librarian
Art Susan Whitmer (
Biochemistry Suzi Rumohr (
Biology Suzi Rumohr (

Denton: Stephany Compton (

Houston: Marilyn Goff (

Chemistry Suzi Rumohr (
Communication Science & Disorders Woody Evans (
Computer Science Woody Evans (
Criminal Justice Woody Evans (
Dance Andy Tucker (
Deaf Education - Denton Elaine Cox (
Dental Hygiene Woody Evans (
Drama & Theater Andy Tucker (
Education Annita Owens (
English Susan Whitmer (
Family Sciences Andy Tucker (
Fashion, Costume, & Textiles Andy Tucker (
Government & Political Science Susan Whitmer (
Health Care Administration - Houston Marilyn Goff (
Health Studies Elaine Cox (
Health Systems Management - Dallas Beth Ligeti (
History Andy Tucker (
Informatics Woody Evans (
Kinesiology & Sports Annita Owens (
Law Woody Evans (
Library & Information Studies Stephany Compton (
Mathematics Woody Evans (
Multicultural Women's & Gender Studies Kimberly Johnson (
Music Andy Tucker (

Dallas: Eula Oliphant (

Denton: Elaine Cox (

Houston: Marilyn Goff (

Nutrition & Food Sciences

Denton: Suzi Rumohr (

Houston: Marilyn Goff (

Occupational Therapy

Dallas: Eula Oliphant (

Denton: Elaine Cox (

Houston: Alexandra Drake (

Philosophy & Religion Annita Owens (
Physical Therapy

Dallas: Eula Oliphant (

Houston: Alexandra Drake (

Physics Suzi Rumohr (
Psychology Annita Owens (
Reading Annita Owens (
Sociology & Social Work Annita Owens (
Speech Pathology Beth Ligeti (