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OT 6101: Writing Reviews

Course Guide for OT 6101 - Intro to the OTD Program

What is a Scoping Review?

A scoping review aims to map rapidly the key concepts underpinning a research area and the main sources and types of evidence available. Scoping reviews tend to address broader topics where many different study designs might be applicable. Scoping reviews are less likely to address a very specific research question and they don't assess the quality of included studies. - Marcel Dijkers, What is a Scoping Review? 

And that means:

  • You are not answering a research question
  • You are mapping a concept
  • You won't have a PICO
  • You will have a PCC- Population, Concept, Context
  • Scoping reviews are sometimes used as justification for systematic reviews 



Background: An outpatient stroke center offers multidisciplinary rehabilitation(occupational, physical, and speech therapy) for clients recovering from stroke. They've noticed an increase in clients under the age of 50 and would like to map their experiences. 

Population: Adults under 50 recovering from stroke

Concept: Multidisciplinary rehabilitation

Context: Outpatient