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Foreign Language: SPAN 1023: Elementary Spanish II

SPAN 1023: Elementary Spanish II

Finding Information

Where to search?

Where you should search depends on the type of information you need. 

  • Background information includes dictionaries and encyclopedias. Search these resources when you want the basics: definitions, descriptions of what something is, etc.

  • Books contain both basic and in-depth information. It depends on the book. A book about Argentina might describe basic history and culture while a book about tango music in Argentina might be more in-depth.

  • Articles are good for in-depth information and research. Typically, they are not good for basic information.

  • Videos contain information about various topics and provide ideas for search words.

Cómo encontrar y citar fuentes en español

Background Information

Use these resources to search for background information. Use only one or two search words when searching these.

Library Resources
Web Resources


Use the TWU Libraries Catalog Search to find books in the library.

Search Tips
  • Type each search word or phase into a separate search bar.

  • Use filters to narrow your search to what you want.


Locating & Accessing



Click "View It," then click on the database name in the box below. This e-book is in Academic Complete.


     Physical Books

Make sure it's available, write down the call number, and check where it's located. 

The book below is Available, located in the Blagg-Huey Library Denton - Children's Collection, and its call number is F2808.2 .H56 1998.




Databases that contain articles about culture and history of Spanish-speaking countries.

Search Tips
  • Start with one or two broad search words.

  • If you have more than 60 results, add another search word or use more specific words.

  • Use filters to slowly narrow your results.

  • If you don't get any results, try using different words.


Search these databases for videos that may be helpful for your research.