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ELDR 5203: Research in Education: Databases/Research Tips

Education Research Course Guide

Search Strategies

Use the Boolean connector AND to narrow your search with your major subject words. You can use the connector OR to broaden your search.  This connector can be used to combine synonyms or related words.  Place subject words in "quotation marks" to search the words as a phrase.  

An asterisk *(shift key 8) for variations of a word.  For example, read* will retrieve articles with the words: reads, reading, and readers.    


ProQuest RefWorks -- Direct Export


Selecting a Research Topic

There are five ways to assess whether you should research a problem:

•Does the study fill a gap or void in the existing literature?
•Does the study add value to the original research?
•Does the study extends past research or examines the topic more extensively?
•Does the study give more voice to people silenced, not heard, or rejected in society?
•Does the study inform practice? (e.g. new techniques, teaching practices, etc.)

Ayiro, L. P. (2012). A Functional Approach to Educational Research Methods and Statistics : Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches. Lewiston, N.Y.: Edwin Mellen Press.