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Business - Houston: Additional Resources

School of Management electronic and hybrid Master of Business Administration resources

Build a Business Plan

From The US Small Business Administration  - Build Your Business Plan

Take a Nap!

TWU Libraries, in conjunction with the Student Union, Student Services and Student Life,  have a nap pod for you to use for 20 minute power naps in the ARC.Former ARC Library Student Assistant and MOTS Ms Kristen McManus demostrates the nap pod use. Reserve the nap pod at on the Houston nap pod button, and you can have a 20 minute power nap to enjoy peaceful, restful sleep.

Employment Resources

Buniness Resources

The US Small Business Association to help entrepreneurs in the US start a business.  This Federally-supported resource offers help to Americans needing assistance with planning, practice, and execution. Practical information abounds here.

Business law hsa very specific resources that differ from municipality to municipality, state to state, and can be found across the nation and world, with some sources at Occupational Outlook Handbook for Lawyers and FindLaw.

Library Liaison

Your library liaison for Business in Houston is the person who helps manage what new materials are selected to be added to the TWU libraries collections. The ARC traditionally receives College of Business  books, video streaming, DVD, mixed media kits, and other media materials. Information on the process is at   and at and indicates that the 2016 Business Library Liaison is  Dr. Jeffrey Radighieri (81-2717),  so contact him when your Houston faculty wish additions to the ARC.  

My Government Representatives

To find out who represents you locally, statewide and at the Federal level: You can connect with those who represent you and give them your hopes and opinions:


Local Resources

The Houston Small Business Association office can be of much help.

The University of Houston's Bauer College has great business help.

The Greater Houston Partnership has extensive business resources.

Houston superneighborhoods, census tracts and other divisions

Business and US Government