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Business - Houston: Databases/Articles

School of Management electronic and hybrid Master of Business Administration resources

What is a Database?

A database is usually a collection of excellent journal articles written by experts in the field. A database also contains a search engine so you can search the collection using keywords and index terms to find journal articles. 

There is usually a way to email your best articles or save them to a bibliographic manager program like RefWorks that will let you create a list of sources in American Psychological Association style (putting the author's name, date of the article, the title of the article and the source journal where the original article occurred).

A database has critical articles describing management styles, supervisory methods, business plans, and more to help you think critically about the concepts you address in class. Many insights into successful businesspeople's strategies are revealed in journal articles in databases and you must be certain to give full credit to these authors when you report on your research.

Tests and Measurements Databases

Do you need to find a test with internal validity and reliability? Use these two databases to search on your subject (like hand strength) and then see journal articles and more written about  the reliability and validity of such tests, telling you what level of trained person is needed to conduct the test and also revealing the quality of the test, among other essential factors . Find the fulltext of the articles in another database like PubMed, Academic Search, or at TWU Libraries E-Journals (above, on this page), and you have all the great full text you need to succeed! 

Databases Beat Google

TWU faculty, staff and students have paid access to databases full of fulltext and full image databases with scholarly and popular information for your work, studies, research and recreation.  While Google may ask you to pay, TWU articles are available without additional cost, and the sources are valid and reliable information sources you can trust.  Save time and money by using TWU Libraries databases for your needs from Consumer Reports to Business Week, from  Motor Week to dissertations and journals, TWU has what you need. When TWU lacks a random electronic source, remember TWU has speedy Interlibrary Loan service just for you!

Evidence Based Worksheet Helps Database Searching

Use the EBP Worksheet below to define your research question using PICO(T).

Comparison Groups

Articles are Found in Databases Including These

NEED A FEW GOOD ARTICLES?   Go to a database like Academic Search Complete, ask for your subjects one in each search box, and click Search with And, Then see your results numbers at the right of the screen.  Move down on the left, Limit your articles to those in  Full Text and the last five years to see the latest on your topic. Export to your RefWorks account to create a beautiful bibliography, too!

Qualitative, Quantitative or Mixed?

Research is accomplished in many ways, some of which can be understood at the US National Institutes of Health. Learning what research is can be very helpful, at the US Office of Research Integrity. Information on research methods and qualitative research can help the researcher design robust scientific research that exhibits scientific rigor.  The US Human Research Protections Program is a part of the Department of Health and Human Services and helps manage safety of research subjects.