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Children's Collection

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Jimmie Lyn Harris
Texas Woman's University Libraries
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Searching for Children's Books in the TWU Library Catalog (TWUnivesal)

Go to the Library Home Page

Click Advanced Search

Click the rough button near the top TWU Libraries Catalog

On the first row type in your topic, i.e. birthday

On the right side of the screen, change PUBLICATIN DATE to LAST 10 YEARS


= 289

Scroll down, on the left side find LIBRARY and click on DENTON- CHILDREN’S

= 70

If you think this is too many you may consider changing line with birthday from ANY FIELD to SUBJECT

= 6

This may be not enough.

Click on the book or the title of the book to get more information.

Write down (or take a picture) of the title, author and call number.  Note the location will tell you if it is available or checked out.

Scroll down further and find the row FORMAT.  This will list the number of pages.  If it says UNPAGED, this means it is 36 pages or fewer.  Books that are up to 36 pages are picture books.


Children's Collection


Welcome to the Children’s Collection


Location:  First Floor                                  

The Children’s Collection, located in Blagg-Huey Library on the First Floor between the restrooms and the elevators a; comprised of almost 49,000 books. The collection of illustrated children’s books, original artwork and teen literature supports the School of Library and Information Sciences, the Department of Education in the College of Professional Education and art students from the College Arts and Sciences. It also serves as a resource for the children of TWU students.

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Are located on the first floor at the beginning of the Reference Collection.

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Children's Collection