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Reading: READ 5493

Reading research guide for TWU students, faculty and staff.

READ 5493

Welcome READ 5493 Students!

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Please feel free to make an appointment for help with your specific research topics. 


Primary vs Secondary Sources

Key Databases

Academic Search Complete                                             

Reading Research Presentation

Scholarly or Popular?

Remember, you will be searching for Scholarly/Peer Reviewed journal articles. In the key databases for your topic, you can limit your results to scholarly journals by clicking the box next to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.  The chart below will help determine if a journal is scholarly or popular.  For more information, go to

PURPOSE Review, report, and make available original research, experimentation, and information Inform and/or entertain
AUTHORS & AUDIENCE Written by and for scholars, researchers, and professionals in a particular field Written by magazine staff or free-lance writers for the general public
FORMAT Formal intellectual formats; graphs and charts; scholarly illustrations Slick and glossy with attractive format; photographs and drawings to enhance their appeal
SOURCES Usually cite sources with footnotes and/or bibliographies May mention, but seldom cite, any sources
LANGUAGE Technical terminology (with which the reader is assumed to be familiar) of the discipline Informal language appropriate to a broad-based audience
ADVERTISING May contain selective specialty advertising Contain extensive advertising
EXAMPLES Journal of Nutrition
American Journal of Education
Applied Nursing Research
Good Housekeeping
Scientific American


Search Tips

Use Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT to combine subject words.

Try using an asterisk (*) to search for all forms of a word. 

For example: type read* to find the words reads, readers, or reading  

You can use the word "study" or the phrase "this study" in your search to find research articles.  For more words to narrow your search, see the Handouts box below.