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Psychology: Academic Publishing

Psychology research guide for TWU students, faculty and staff.

Looking for publishing resources?

This is a guide to academic publishing. Graduate students and faculty may find this section most useful.

If you're interested in the academic writing and the publishing industry, here are a few library resources you might want to consult.

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DENTON (checkout allowed)

ELECTRONIC (login required)

Academic Publishers

Here is a list of some top publishers who release academic work in the social and behavioral sciences.

Sometimes, it is useful to visit these sites to read about upcoming books, learn about authors, browse publisher's catalogs, and purchase titles directly.

Most of the publishers listed here are in the U.S., but some are international. Only publishers who print in English are included.

Click on a link to visit the publisher's website:

Know of a publisher I should add? Send me an e-mail and I may include it!