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Education: EDBE

Education research guide for TWU students, faculty and staff.


Welcome EDBE Students!

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ProQuest CultureGrams

Key Databases


The Research Process

State your topic in a question.

Topic: Parental involvement in the academic success of English language learners.
Question: Does parental involvement improve the academic success of English language learners?

Identify key concepts and search words.

Does parental involvement improve the academic success of English language learners?

  • parental involvement
  • academic success
  • English language learners

 Are there other subject words for the topic?

  • parent participation
  • academic achievement
  • second language learners

Use Boolean operators or connectors to combine subject words.

  • English language learners AND academic success
  • English language learners AND parent participation AND academic achievement

You can use OR to include similar words in the search. 

  • parental involvement OR parent participation
  • English language learners OR second language learners
  • teenagers OR adolescents

Try using an asterisk (*) to search for all forms of a word. 

  • For example: type learn* to find the words learns, learners, or learning. 

Search the Key Databases listed in the box above using your search words to gather information about your topic and answer your research question.    

Evaluate the authority, usefulness, reliability, etc., of the information you find. 

Cite your sources on your bibliography. 

  • RefWorks will help you create your bibliography and organize your research articles. See RefWorks in 5 Easy Steps! in the Handouts box.  To login or create a RefWorks account, click on the Writing & Citing tab above.    

Selected Books

Research Starters

The Research Starters-Education database is a good resource for background information. (See the Key Databases box to login.) Each essay includes a topic overview, keyword lists, viewpoints, suggested reading lists, and more. Check out the selected essays below.