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Biology: BIOL 4293/5293: Scientific Communication

BIOL 4293/5293: Scientific Communication

Science Databases

These databases contain academic articles from various fields of science. Always search in multiple databases.

For more science databases, click the Articles / Databases tab at the top of this guide.

PubMed Search Tips

Three short videos on how to search PubMed more quickly and effectively.

How to Find an Article

1. Choose a database to search.

2. If available, go straight to Advanced Search in the database you are using. This allows for more precise searching.

3. Enter each keyword or search term into its own line.

  • Start with a broad/general search term. Use the main keyword of your topic.
  • If you have too many results, add another search term and/or use filters (Date, Subject, etc.).
  • If you have too few or no results, try other search terms or use a keyword search and look for subject terms within those results that can be used in a new subject search. If you get stuck, contact a reference librarian for help.

4. Read abstracts and subject terms associated with the article to determine whether it will be relevant to your research.

5. If you have any trouble accessing the full-text version of an article, contact the library for assistance.

    Phone: (940) 898-3701.  Email:

6. If you need one-on-one help with your research, email your reference librarian, Suzi, to set up an appointment:

Databases house articles from journals and magazines and make them searchable. No single database contains all journals or articles, so it is best to search multiple databases.
The term journal is often used for publications that contain academic articles. Journals can be issued once per year, twice per year, or even weekly. Each issue of the journal contains new articles. These issues are later combined to create volumes.
Some journals require article submissions to go through a peer review process before being accepted for publication. During this process, experts from the same field as the author review the article to ensure that research methods are sound and that the article advances the field of study. This process prevents the publication of articles that make false claims and misinform readers.

Can't access the article you need?

If you have trouble accessing a specific article, ask the library for help or try the following: