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OT 5142: Scholarly Inquiry: PICO

Information for OT 5142 Scholarly Inquiry

Locating evidence in literature depends upon asking an effective research question. Use the PICO mnemonic to build that question.


     P -- patient, population, participant
      I -- intervention, therapy
     C -- comparison  (not always required)
     O -- outcome

 4 Types of PICO Questions

     1. Diagnosis
     2. Prognosis
     3. Therapy
     4. Etiology



Diagnosis PICO:
In children with respiratory infection, is the respiratory rate as effective as chest x-ray in detecting pneumonia?

Prognosis PICO:
In premature infants (compared to full-term infants), what is the lifetime prevalence of hearing deficit?

Therapy PICO:
In patients with recurrent infection, do antibiotics, compared to no treatment, reduce recurrence rate?

Etiology PICO:
In post-menopausal women, does hormone replacement therapy increase the risk of breast cancer?